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Ron Dante ‎– Anthology

1-1 –Ron Dante Raining In My Sunshine
1-2 –Ron Dante How Am I To Know
1-3 –Ron Dante That's What Life Is All About
1-4 –Ron Dante Sugar, Sugar (Disco Version)
1-5 –Ron Dante Midnight Show
1-6 –Ron Dante In The Rain
1-7 –Ron Dante Gypsy Be Mine
1-8 –Ron Dante Charmer
1-9 –The California Gold Rush Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep
1-10 –The Pearly Gate Free
1-11 –Ronnie & The Dirt Riders Yellow Van
1-12 –Noah's Ark Hold Back The Sun
1-13 –Bo Cooper Don't Call It Love
1-14 –The Cuff Links Early In The Morning
1-15 –The Chan Clan Number One Son
1-16 –The Archies Sugar, Sugar
2-1 –Ron Dante Go Where The Music Takes You
2-2 –Ron Dante A Million Voices
2-3 –Ron Dante C'mon Girl
2-4 –Ron Dante Jo-Anna
2-5 –Ron Dante Let Me Bring You Up
2-6 –Ron Dante Mr Sun
2-7 –Ron Dante Show And Tell
2-8 –Ron Dante Makin' Up
2-9 –Ron Dante Letter From Zowie
2-10 –Ron Dante God Bless Rock 'N' Roll
2-11 –Ron Dante Sea Cruise
2-12 –Ron Dante Street Angel
2-13 –Dante's Inferno Ain't Misbehavin'
2-14 –Dante's Inferno They're Playing Our Song
2-15 –Dante's Inferno Fire Island
2-16 –Dante's Inferno Skate Key Boogie
По кругам Данте,такие подзабытые исполнители были тем не менее часто очень интересными !Советую↓💪

Carmine Granito
American singer, songwriter, and producer.
Born: 22 August 1945 in Staten Island, New York City, New York, USA.
Best known as the lead vocalist for the cartoon group, The Archies. He also provided lead vocals for the group The Cuff Links.
He formed Dante's Inferno in the peak of the 'discomania'.

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Various Artists -Click... Volume 02 1973

A1 –Morris Albert The Man Of Nazareth 4:26
A2 –Rastafari Funky City 2:34
A3 –Inkase Have You Ever Seen Me? 2:25
A4 –Iron Cross Sunshine 2:47
A5 –The Rockin' Berries Day To Day 3:28
A6 –Inkase I Love My Dog 2:45
B1 –Levi Smith's Clefs Shotgun 3:49
B2 –Mickey Stevenson I'm On My Way Back To You 2:59
B3 –Morris Albert Shalom My Israel 2:57
B4 –Irene Petrie Really And Sincerely 3:04
B5 –Multiple Balloon The Fool On The Hill 3:33
B6 –Tony Craig Can You Feel It? 2:59

Various ‎– Hafla! - A Rough Guide To Jaffa's 70's Sound

A1 –Trifonas Tourne Kai Tourne
A2 –Lehakat Tzliley Ha'oud Meafula (Hanale Hitbalbela)
A3 –Koko Chily Chily
A4 –Grazia Rampi Rampi
A5 –Victor Elmaghribi Lahla Izid Aktar
B1 –Raymonde Ash Blani Bik Tah Blitini
B2 –Nino Nikolaidis Benin De Canim Var
B3 –Aharon Amram Kirya Yefeyfiya
B4 –Itzik Kala Gole Sangam
B5 –Levitros Farfara

Artwork By – Neil Cohen
Compiled By – Fortuna Records
Liner Notes – Amir Egozy
Production Manager – Vinyl Boutique
Jaffa, located deep in the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea, is among the oldest port cities in the world. Its strategic location on the silk road, at the meeting point of three continents, has brought to its door many courters and conquerors, stretching from early as the Egyptians and the Romans, to the Ottoman and British empires, and up to the present day. With the establishment of the state of Israel and the consequential arrival of

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John Buck Wilkin ‎– In Search Of Food Clothing Shelter And Sex

A1 Apartment Twenty-One
Written-By – John Buck Wilkin
A2 Faces And Places
Written-By – Jane Leichardt
A3 My God And I
Written-By – John Buck Wilkin
A4 Boy Of The Country
Written-By – John Buck Wilkin
A5 Apocalypse 1969
Written-By – John Buck Wilkin, Kris Kristofferson
B1 Me And Bobby McGee
Written-By – Fred Foster, Kris Kristofferson
B2 The Daydream
Written-By – John Buck Wilkin
B3 Mary Jackson
Written-By – John Buck Wilkin
Medley (3:58)
B4.1 Long Black Veil
Written-By – Danny Hill, Marijohn Wilkin
B4.2 The Nashville Sun
Written-By – John Buck Wilkin
Medley (2:06)
B5.1 About Time
Written-By – John Buck Wilkin
B5.2 Nashville Sun Reprise
Written-By – John Buck Wilkin

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Beatlesongs! The Best of the Beatles Novelty Records,

The Invasion - Buchanan and Greenfield
Hold My Hand - The Rutles
We Love You Beatles - The Carefrees
My Boyfriend Got a Beatle Haircut - Donna Lynn
Letter from Elaina - Casey Kasem
Beatlemania - Jack Nitzsche
Beatle Rap - The Qworymen
L.S. Bumble Bee - Peter Cook and Dudley Moore
I'm the Meany - Wild Man Fischer
Pop Hates The Beatles- Allan Sherman
Letter to The Beatles - The Four Preps
The Beetle - Gary Usher

Rhino Records flexed their novelty muscles with this 1982 collection of songs inspired by The Beatles, including tunes by the Neil Innes / Eric Idle collaboration The Rutles and Peter Cook & Dudley Moore’s uptempo psychedelic ditty “L.S. Bumble Bee”. Meanwhile the packaging is basically very cute, very innocuous, move along, nothing to see here. (The infamous cover art includes a caricature of Mark David Chapman, the first Beatles superfan who, as illustrator William Stout points out, collected a Beatle.) Please note: "Beatle Rap" is a stone classic.

Ron Dante ‎– Anthology

1-1 –Ron Dante Raining In My Sunshine 1-2 –Ron Dante How Am I To Know 1-3 –Ron Dante That's What Life Is All About 1-4 –...