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Lori Burton ‎– Breakout


1 Nightmare (Mono Single Version)

2 Gotta Make You Love Me 2:48

3 Since I Lost Your Lovin' 2:31

4 There Is No Way (To Stop Lovin' You) 2:18

5 The Hurt Won't Go Away 2:52

6 Gotta Get Over You 2:16

7 Bye Bye Charlie 2:40

8 Love Was 2:21

9 Let No One Come Between Us 1:55

10 Only Your Love 2:23

11 Nightmare 2:48

12 The Hurt Won't Go Away (Mono Single Version)

13 Bye, Bye Charlie (Mono Single Version)


Another “guilty pleasure” here, I guess, but I think this one has universal appeal, nonetheless.  At the very least, it provides me the chance of accusing the naysayer of not having a dick instead of no sense of humor.  So who decided it was sexy for a female vocalist to sound like she’s singing through her nose?  Not me—the female vocalists of today are fucking terrible and so are the mentally retarded imbeciles who write their shit music.  No, Lori Burton had a husky, sensuous set of heavy pipes, filtered through a New York City accent, with just a touch of sleaze and snarl.  The gal could write a song, as well, and this LP was a showcase of tunes she wrote with another female songwriter named Pam Sawyer.   Actually, both women went on to more successful songwriting careers writing for Motown, several individual groups such as Young Rascals, and doing session work with some of the biggest names in the business, while this record tanked and has remained relatively obscure.  There are some nice, unappreciated gems on here that deserve a brighter place in the sun.  Boyd Rice later featured “Love Was” on his “Music For Pussycats” compilation and the entire LP was remixed and briefly re-issued on CD with a handful of Disco songs she did in the 70’s that, apparently, aren’t so great.

What we have on this LP are some late 60’s Soul / Pop / Rock songs, done in the style of the time, short and sweet, sung by a white chick.  A couple of the songs are a little kitchy and sound like a rip-off of other hits of the day, while others are excellent, with songs like “Gotta Make You Love Me”, “Love Was”, “Nightmare”, and “Gotta Get Over You” topping the list.  Sadly, as the younger generations of music listeners appear to have no interest in this sort of thing, these songs are probably doomed to fade into oblivion, although I wouldn’t be surprised if, forty years from now, some nursing home attendant found herself prying this LP from my cold, dead hands.

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Various ‎– Mersey Sounds Volume 4


1–Mockingbirds That's How (It's Gonna Stay)

2–Mockingbirds I Never Should've Kissed You

3–Mockingbirds I Can Feel We're Parting

4–Mockingbirds The Flight Of The Mockingbird

5–Mockingbirds One By One

6–Mockingbirds Lovingly Yours

7–Mockingbirds You Stole My Love

8–Mockingbirds Skit Skat

9–The Persuasions Big Brother

10–The Persuasions Deep Down Love

11–Pinkerton's Assort Colours Mirror Mirror

12–Pinkerton's Assort Colours She Don't Care You Again

13–Pinkerton's Assort Colours Magic Rocking Horse

14–Pinkerton's Assort Colours It Ain't Right

15–Pinkerton's Assort Colours Don't Stop Loving Me Baby

16–Pinkerton's Assort Colours Will Ya?

17–Pinkerton's Assort Colours Mum And Dad

18–Pinkerton's Assort Colours On A Street Car

19–Pinkerton's Assort Colours There's Nobody I'd Sooner Love

20–Pinkerton's Assort Colours Duke's Party

21–The Bunch Of Fives Go Home Baby

22–The Bunch Of Fives At The Station

23–Trend-Setters Limited Lollipops And Roses

24–Trend-Setters Limited Go Away

25–The Zephyrs I Can Tell

26–The Zephyrs Sweet Little Baby

27–The Zephyrs She's Lost You

28–The Zephyrs There's Something About You

29–The Zephyrs I Just Can't Take It

30–The Zephyrs She Laughed

31–The Zephyrs Wonder What I'm Gonna Do

32–The Zephyrs Let Me Love You Baby


воскресенье, 27 сентября 2020 г.

Various ‎– Mersey Sounds Volume 3


1–The Big Three Cavern Stomp

2–Pete Best Four Why Did I Fall In Love With You

3–King Size Taylor & The Dominoes I'm Late

4–Beryl Marsden I Know (You Don't Love Me No More)

5–Freddie Starr & The Midnighters Baby Blue

6–Lee Curtis Skinny Minnie

7–Mark And John Walk Right Back

8–The Dennisons Be My Girl

9–The Mojos Don't Do It Anymore

10–Brian Poole & The Tremeloes Twist And Shout

11–The Big Three By The Way

12–Chick Graham And The Coasters A Little You

13–Lee Curtis & The All-Stars I've Got My Eyes On You

14–The Checkmates Sticks And Stones

15–The Mojos Give Your Lovin' To Me

16–The Cryin' Shames You

17–The Big Three I'm With You

18–Beryl Marsden I Only Care About You

19–Pete Best Four I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door

20–Beryl Marsden Everybody Loves A Lover

21–The Checkmates I've Got Know Now

22–King Size Taylor & The Dominoes I've Been Watching You

23–Brian Poole & The Tremeloes We Know

24–Freddie Starr & The Midnighters Who Told You?

25–The Mark Four Hurt Me If You Will

26–The Mojos Forever

27–The Big Three Don't Start Running Away

28–Brian Poole & The Tremeloes Do You Love Me?

29–Chick Graham And The Coasters Dance, Baby, Dance

30–The Mojos They Say

31–Beryl Marsden Love Is Going To Happen To Me

32–Freddie Starr & The Midnighters Peter Gunn Locomotion

33–The Checkmates Around

34–Lee Curtis & The All-Stars Let's Stomp

35–The Dennisons Devoted To You

36–The Big Three Reelin' And Rockin'


воскресенье, 20 сентября 2020 г.

Various ‎– Mersey Sounds Volume Two


1–The Troggery Five Bye Bye Bird

2–The Troggery Five I'm Gonna Jump

3–The Others Oh Yeah

4–The Others I'm Taking Her Home

5–Goldie & The Gingerbreads Please Please

6–Goldie & The Gingerbreads Sailor Boy

7–Goldie & The Gingerbreads That's Why I Love You

8–Goldie & The Gingerbreads The Skip

9–Force Five Don't Make By Baby Blue

10–Force Five Shaking Postman

11–Force Five Yeah I'm Waiting

12–Force Five I Don't Want To See You Again

13–Force Five Baby Don't Care

14–Force Five Come Down To Earth

15–Force Five I Want You Baby

16–Force Five Gee Too Tiger

17–The In Crowd I Don't Mind

18–The In Crowd That's How Strong My Love Is

19–The In Crowd Things She Says

20–The In Crowd Stop Wait A Minute

21–The Syndicats On The Horizon

22–The Viscounts Who Put The Bomp

23–Sounds Incorporated William Tell

24–Pete Maclaine And The Clan Yes I Do

25–The Peddlers Let The Sunshine In

26–The Persuasions Big Brother

27–The Persuasions Deep Down Love

28–Duffy Power Farewell Baby

29–Duffy Power I Saw Her Standing There

30–Duffy Power I Don't Care

31–The Bunch Of Fives At The Station


Various ‎– Mersey Sounds Volume One


1–The Cheetahs Mecca

2–The Cheetahs That Goodnight Kiss

3–The Cheetahs Soldier Boy

4–The Cheetahs Johnny

5–The Cheetahs Whole Lotta Love

6–The Cheetahs Party

7–The Cheetahs Russian Boat Song

8–The Cheetahs The Gamble

9–The Cherokees Seven Daffodils

10–The Cherokees Are You Back In My World Now

11–The Cherokees Dig A Little Deeper

12–The Cherokees I Will Never Turn My Back On You

13–The Cherokees Land Of 1,000 Dances

14–The Cherokees Everybody's Needs

15–The Cherokees  Rejected

16–The Applejacks Bye Bye Girl

17–The Applejacks It's Not A Game Anymore

18–The Applejacks We Gotta Get Together

19–The Applejacks I'm Through

20–The Applejacks Baby's In Black

Written-By [Uncredited] – Lennon-McCartney

21–The Chucks Loo-Be-Loo

22–The Chucks Anytime Is The Right Time

23–The Chucks The Hitch-Hiker

24–The Chucks Humpity Dumpity (The Big Egg)

25–The Cougars Saturday Nite At The Duck Pond

26–The Cougars See You In Dreamland

27–The Cougars Red Square

28–The Cougars Fly-By-Nite


четверг, 20 августа 2020 г.

Yays & Nays ‎– Yays & Nays


Gotta Keep Travelling 2:23
Nature Is My Mother 3:39
Some Do, Some Don't 2:23
Contrary Mary 2:56
Easy Woman 4:24
It's What's Happening Baby 2:30
Call Me A Dog 2:57
If 3:18
Take It Easy Baby 2:27
Let It All Hang Out + What Women Do 6:58
Onstage Revelations 2:32
В составе группы три парня и три девушки и единственный альбом вышел тиражом в 1000 экземпляров. Самое частое определение этого альбома -"невероятно странный". И этот альбом явно претендует на звание концептуального - все песни объединены одной темой - борьбой полов.Ироничные тексты и интересное решение почти всех песен-соперничество мужского соло и женского ансамбля. Звучат то настоящими пятидесятыми, а то как-будто в 21 веке решили спеть под 50-60 гг. Действительно очень необычный альбом.-

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Mike Yanoska ‎– Yanoska

 1.May First 2:04

2.23 Years And Back 2:50

3.Somethin' I Can't Explain 3:23

4.California Sundown Queen 2:06

5.Song 1:58

6.To The Castle Of Lord Tim 3:40

7.Don't Say Goodbye 3:11

8.Annette's Song 3:20

9.Go Down East 4:05

10.Today I Wrote A Song 3:00

11.Charlotte 2:31


Lori Burton ‎– Breakout

  1 Nightmare (Mono Single Version) 2 Gotta Make You Love Me 2:48 3 Since I Lost Your Lovin' 2:31 4 There Is No Way (To St...