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Dana Gillespie ‎– Foolish Seasons

You Just Gotta Know My Mind 2:10
Tears In My Eyes 2:25
Life Is Short 2:32
Souvenirs Of Stefan 3:39
Can't You See I'm Dreaming 2:59
No! No! No! 2:48
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not 2:00
London Social Degree 2:09
Dead 3:11
Foolish Seasons 2:11
Where Will You Be 2:10
Hard Lovin' Loser 3:50

Дана явно шла к успеху напролом,ГРУДЬЮ👯

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C. A. Quintet

Trip Thru Hell 1969

1 Trip Thru Hell (Part 1)
Drums [Solo] – Rick Patron
2 Colorado Mourning 2:31
3 Cold Spider 4:41
4 Underground Music 4:43
5 Sleepy Hollow Lane 2:04
6 Smooth As Silk
Drums – Paul Samuels
7 Trip Thru Hell (Part 2) 3:40
Bonus Tracks
8 Dr. Of Philosophy 2:09
9 Blow To My Soul 1:59
10 Ain't No Doubt About It 2:31
11 Mickey's Monkey
12 I Put A Spell On You
13 I Shot The King 2:22
14 Fortune Teller's Lie 2:09
15 Sadie Lavone 2:49
16 Bury Me In A Marijuana Field 2:11
17 Colorado Mourning 2:13
18 Underground Music 2:08
19a Smooth As Silk 2:12
19b C. A. Quintet & Stillroven Radio Ad [Hidden Track] 1:08
Garage Rock / Psychedelic Rock Band, active in between the Mid 60's to the Early 70's. Reunited again in the 1990's.
Released one of the "Holy Grails" of Psych/Garage Rock Music in 1969 with Trip Thru Hell.

A1 And Your Bird Can Sing
A2 Badge
A3 Born To Be Wild
A4 I'm A Man
B1 4am In New York
B2 Light My Fire
B3 Wild Child
B4 China Clipper

Limited edition 180g vinyl LP. Newly discovered recording.
In January 1971 legendary Minneapolis psychedelic band the C A Quintet, creators of one of the most sought-after and celebrated underground albums of the '60s, Trip Thru Hell, decided to call it a day and play one final swan-song at Lake Pepin High School. Three tracks from this gig were hastily issued by the band in the early '80s in response to a bootleg of the Trip Thru Hell LP that had then recently surfaced. Whilst many thought then that this was the last that would ever be heard of the band again, earlier this year two surprising events happened - 1, the original master-tape of the gig was discovered. 2, it was found to contain material far stronger than that on the old live album and also to include previously unheard original material. The band perform storming versions of '60s classics like 'Born To Be Wild' and 'Badge' alongside originals '4am In New York City' and the closing number 'China Clipper' - the final song ever performed by the C A Quintet. This will be a limited edition one-off custom pressing featuring new liner notes specially written for this edition by band founder and leader Ken Erwin who also supervised the remastering of these recordings.

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Три Колодца · Three Water-Sources 4:42
Солнце · The Sun 2:33
Нет Красивей · You're The Prettiest 3:25
Это Любовь · It's Love 5:55
Песенка Насреддина · Nasreddin's Song 2:45
Ялла · Yalla 4:28
Беспечная Красавица · Careless Beauty 4:30
Позвала Меня Дорога · The Road Called Me 5:25


Касыда На Приход Весны 5:33
Рубаи 5:23
Газель 6:53
Последняя Поэма 5:53
Нет Красивей 3:05
Несравненная 3:49
Кто Рассеет Мрак? 5:08

Ялла́» (узб. Ялла, Yalla) — советский и узбекский вокально-инструментальный ансамбль под управлением Фарруха Закирова, созданный в Ташкенте в 1970 году.
Известен по песням «Три колодца» («Учкудук») (Фаррух Закиров — Юрий Энтин), «Это любовь»/«Последняя поэма» (Алексей Рыбников — Рабиндранат Тагор, перевод Аделины Адалис), «Песенка Насреддина» (музыка народная — С. Тилла), «Ялла» (Фаррух Закиров — Абдурахим Пулат), «Без любимых глаз» (Ставрос Куюмдзис — Пётр Сулоев), «Шахрисабз», «Чайхана», «Звезда Востока»/«Сияй, Ташкент», «Чинури (Джинуни)» и многим другим.

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David Jones ‎– David Jones - The Deluxe Edition

1 What Are We Going To Do?
2 Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner
3 Put Me Amongst The Girls
4 Any Old Iron
5 Theme For A New Love
6 It Ain't Me Babe
7 Face Up To It
8 Dream Girl
9 Baby It's Me
10 My Dad
11 This Bouquet
Bonus Selections
12 Take Me To Paradise
13 The Girl From Chelsea
По многочисленным просьбам,первый альбом будущего солиста легендарного ВИА- Monkees

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Brownout ‎– Fear Of A Brown Planet

 A1 Louder Than A Bomb
A2 Shut Em Down
A3 Fight The Power
A4 Trackstar To The Edge Of Panic
A5 By The Time I Get To Arizona
A6 Welcome To The Terrordome
B1 My Uzi Weighs A Ton
B2 Don't Believe The Hype
B3 I Don't Wanna Be Called Yo Ni**a
B4 911 Is A Joke
B5 Bring The Noise
B6 Prophets Of Rage

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Richard Cheese ‎– The Sunny Side Of The Moon: The Best Of Richard Cheese

1 Rape Me
Other [Originally By] – Nirvana
2 People = S**t
Other [Originally By] – Slipknot
3 Baby Got Back
Other [Originally By] – Sir Mix-A-Lot
4 Girls, Girls, Girls
Other [Originally By] – Mötley Crüe
5 Closer
Other [Originally By] – Nine Inch Nails
6 Bust A Move
Other [Originally By] – Young MC
7 Down With The Sickness
Other [Originally By] – Disturbed
8 Sunday Bloody Sunday
Other [Originally By] – U2
9 Freak On A Leash
Other [Originally By] – Korn
10 Nookie
Other [Originally By] – Limp Bizkit
11 Another Brick In The Wall (Pt. 2)
Other [Originally By] – Pink Floyd
12 Rock The Casbah
Other [Originally By] – The Clash
13 Fight For Your Right
Other [Originally By] – The Beastie Boys
14 Hot For Teacher
Other [Originally By] – Van Halen
15 Gin And Juice
Other [Originally By] – Snoop Dogg
16 Come Out And Play
Other [Originally By] – The Offspring
17 Badd
Other [Originally By] – Ying Yang Twins
18 Creep
Other [Originally By] – Radiohead

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Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine-Back In Black Tie

1 T.N.T.
Other [Originally By] – AC/DC
Written-By – Young, Scott, Young
2 Gimmie That Nutt
Other [Originally By] – Eazy-E
Written-By – Yella
3 Need You Tonight
Other [Originally By] – INXS
Written-By – Andrew Farriss, Michael Hutchence
4 Billie Jean (Live)
Other [Originally By] – Michael Jackson
Written-By – Michael Jackson
5 One Love
Other [Originally By] – Bob Marley
Written-By – Bob Marley, Neville Livingston
6 Super Freak
Other [Originally By] – Rick James
Written-By – Alonzo Miller, Rick James
7 Diff’rent Strokes Theme (Live) 2:06
8 Smells Like Teen Spirit (Instrumental)
Other [Originally By] – Nirvana
Written-By – Nirvana
9 Cum On Feel The Noize
Other [Originally By] – Quiet Riot/Slade
Written-By – Jim Lea, Noddy Holder
10 I Am The Walrus
Other [Originally By] – The Beatles
Written-By – Lennon-McCartney
11 Darth Vader’s Theme (Live) 2:53
12 People = Shit (Early Demo)
Other [Originally By] – Slipknot
Written-By – Slipknot
13 Stairway To Heaven
Other [Originally By] – Led Zeppelin
Written-By – Jimmy Page, Robert Plant
14 Doin’ Time (Live)
Other [Originally By] – Sublime
Written-By – Brad Nowell, Marshall Goodman
Written-By [Summertime] – Dubose & Dorothy Heyward, George & Ira Gershwin
15 Too Soon 4:58

Dana Gillespie ‎– Foolish Seasons

You Just Gotta Know My Mind 2:10 Tears In My Eyes 2:25 Life Is Short 2:32 Souvenirs Of Stefan 3:39 Can't You See I'm Drea...