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Vashti Bunyan

1 Diamond Day
Written-By – Vashti Bunyan
2 Glow Worms
Written-By – Vashti Bunyan
3 Lily Pond
Written-By – Vashti Bunyan
4 Timothy Grub
Written-By – Vashti Bunyan
5 Where I Like To Stand
Written-By – John James , Vashti Bunyan
6 Swallow Song
Written-By – Vashti Bunyan
7 Window Over The Bay
Written-By – Robert Lewis , Vashti Bunyan
8 Rose Hip November
Written-By – Vashti Bunyan
9 Come Wind Come Rain
Written-By – Vashti Bunyan
10 Hebridean Sun
Written-By – Robert Lewis , Vashti Bunyan
11 Rainbow River
Written-By – Vashti Bunyan
12 Trawlerman's Song
Written-By – Robert Lewis, Vashti Bunyan
13 Jog Along Bess
Written-By – Vashti Bunyan
14 Iris's Song For Us
Written-By – Iris McFarlane, Vashti Bunyan, Wally Dix
Extra Tracks
15 Love Song
Written-By – Vashti Bunyan
16 I'd Like To Walk Around In Your Mind
Written-By – Vashti Bunyan
17 Winter Is Blue
Written-By – Vashti Bunyan
18 Iris's Song (Version 2)
Written-By – Iris McFarlane, Vashti Bunyan, Wally Dix

Just Another Diamond Day-1970

Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind 2:18
I Want To Be Alone 2:51
Train Song 2:15
Love Song 1:59
Winter Is Blue 2:55
Coldest Night Of The Year 3:28
I'd Like To Walk Around In Your Mind 2:15
Winter Is Blue 1:48
Girl's Song In Winter 1:37
If In Winter (100 Lovers) 1:47
Wishwanderer 1:56
Don't Believe 1:37
17 Pink Sugar Elephants 1:51
I Won't Say 2:24
Girl's Song In Winter (Alt. Version) 3:25
If In Winter (100 Lovers) (Alt. Version) 1:13
I'd Like To Walk Around In Your Mind (Alt. Version) 2:22
Autumn Leaves 1:57
Leave Me 2:24
If In Winter (100 Lovers) 1:19
How Do I Know 2:00
Find My Heart Again 1:59
Go Before Dawn 1:54
Girl's Song In Winter 1:38
I Don't Know What Love Is 1:48
Don't Believe What They Say 2:12
Love You Now 2:10
I Know 1:34
Someday 2:05

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Jake Jones

A1 I'll See You Through 3:46
A2 Of No Concern 3:00
A3 When Your Brother 3:17
A4 Motherly Comfort 3:15
A5 A Suite From The Court Jester 9:29
B1 Speak To Me Lady 6:28
B2 Child Child (Plus Tag) 4:06
B3 It's Only Love You Know 4:27
B4 Different Roads 7:11

Ill-Mo Junction 3:34
Trippin' Down A Country Road 4:25
Mirrored Door 2:02
She Must Be Free 4:19
In All My Dreams 4:22
Breathe Deep 4:04
Lost In My Own Backyard 3:30
Feather Bed 3:00
Catch The Wind 3:05
I'll Be Seeing You (Frogs In The Moonlight) 4:48
This album has conspicuously little cache for a record as good as it is. Known primarily only among collectors, it has been a delightful little secret that really deserves to be spread around. I call it progressive flavored A.O.R., with a mix of soft and hard material, good guitar, organ, and great vocal harmony. To me, fully 8 of the 10 tracks presented rate pretty good or better, with “Breath Deep” my personal fave. Grab this one while reasonably priced copies aren’t too hard to find. (tymeshifter RYM)

Jake Jones was originally from St. Louis, Missouri and released two albums on Kapp Records in the early seventies. No one in the group was actually named "Jake Jones". 
 I recently heard from Phil Jost of Jake Jones. He supplied the following update about the group. 
 Chuck Sabatino had a stroke while playing for Mike MacDonald in Los Angeles in 1994. A benefit was put on at Mississippi nights in 1994 for Chuck by many of his friends and former bandmates. He passed away in 1996 in Belleville, Illinois where his family had moved back to. 
 Joe Marshall still lives in the St. Louis Area and plays frequently. 
 I moved to LA in 1978 and became assistant to Producer/Engineer Ken Scott. (Superertramp, David Bowie, Elton John) I had the pleasure to work on albums both as a player and or engenering & production with the Dixie Dreggs & Steve Morris, Stanley Clarke, Jeff Beck, Kansas, Supertramp and many orthers including Missing Persons. I was a member in that group briefly. 
 I began writing with David Palmer who had been in Steely Dan as a singer. He also wrote the lyrics to the "Jazzman" album by Carole King. We had a tune in "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" and recorded an album for Warner Bros with Eagles Producer Bill Sczymick. 
 I live in Belleville, Illinois and still compose music including themes for audio visual and broadcast. 
 In 1998 I released a CD & Video: "Live at the Charlotte Convention Center" which was recorded in April 1997 while opening for the Atlanta Rhythm section there. 
 For other information or to inquire about how to purchase one of the CD's or Videos, I can be contacted at: philjost@aol.com 
 ALSO there was a 3rd, un-released album that Jake Jones recorded in 1973. 

 I also recently heard from Joe Marshall of Jake Jones. He supplied the following information about the group. 
 Thanks for the information about our band, Jake Jones - I can correct a few details and provide some updated info: 
*** Chuck Sabatino - yes, he died on his 45th birthday, in 1996, after a stroke in 1994 that left him paralyzed - he was due to leave for Portugal when he was stricken. 
*** Joe Marshall - actually, I never owned the nightclub, Timbers, but I did play there between 1984 and 1996 - I now work at St. Louis Music, and still play nearly every weekend, with a group called "The Sloppy Joes", as well as with a weddiing band called "Sundance and Brass". 
*** James Ovid Bilderback - you have the situation right, in that he had a drug problem that he finally dealt with - good luck to him. 
*** Mike Krenski - wrote "The Cheater" in 1965 for Bob Kuban and the In-Men - still flies planes and teaches would-be pilots - worked for McDonnell Douglas/Boeing, last I heard. 
*** Phil Jost - actually I see him nearly every day, as he works at St. Louis Music with me - Phil is now the product manager for Crate Pro Audio - he still plays occasionally with his sisters in a group named "Sibling Rivalry". 
 I know there's a lot I'm leaving out, but thanks for the interest in our band - I have a videotape of a studio session from May of 1972, with Chuck on bass and Barney Biver on drums - I can't believe how young we were - the arrangements were quite complex, as I guess we did a lot of practicing as well as playing at that time. 
 One last fact - our last job was in 1973, opening act for the Eagles, and Dan Fogelberg, in Springfield, Illinois. 

 Thanks to Michael Kladky for supplying the following information about the members of Jake Jones. Chuck Sabatino (flute,vocals) died in L.A. just a few years ago. He was playing with Michael McDonald (Doobie Bros.). Chuck grew up with Michael, they used to skip school together. (McCluer High School in St. Louis, Missouri). Joey Marshall (guitar) used to own a bar down on Laclede's Landing (St. Louis, Missouri) called "Timbers". He also played in the house band there. (He still might?/!) Ovid (drums) quit(??) the band (alcohol and drug problem). He later found Jesus, and joined a Jesus Freak Jazz band. Mike Krenski (bass) quit the band shortly after their first album. (Chuck took over the bass) He was a record producer in L.A. Phil Jost (keyboards) whereabouts are currently unknown. When Jake Jones broke up, they did form another band called "Full Moon Consort" (and released one album) in 1975. They were playing in the St. Louis area for quite a bit..

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The Very Best Of Kenny Lynch

1 Monument
2 A Tiger At The Door
3 Up On The Roof
4 Crazy Crazes
5 Puff
6 What Am I To You?
7 I'll Stay By You
8 For Lovin' You Baby
9 That's What Little Girls Are Made For
10 You Can Never Stop Me Loving You
11 It Would Take A Miracle
12 Why Do You Treat Me This Way?
13 Individuality
14 For You
15 The One Thing That Makes You Happy
16 They're Jealous Of Me
17 Steady Kind
18 Stand By Me
19 So Much To Love You For
20 She's Got Everything
21 Don't Make The Same Mistake As I Did
22 The Truth
23 There's Never Been A Girl
24 You Make Love So Well
25 Hey Girl
26 My Own Two Feet
27 My Little World
28 Misery
29 Mountain Of Love
30 Before I Count To Ten
31 A Teardrop In The Ocean
Kenny Lynch (born 18 March 1938, Stepney, London, England, died 18 December 2019) was an English singer, songwriter, entertainer, actor and publisher, see Kenny Lynch Music Ltd.. During the 1960s he scored two UK Top 10 Singles (Up On The Roof & You Can Never Stop Me Loving You) and another 7 UK Top 40 Singles.

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Dana Gillespie ‎– Foolish Seasons

You Just Gotta Know My Mind 2:10
Tears In My Eyes 2:25
Life Is Short 2:32
Souvenirs Of Stefan 3:39
Can't You See I'm Dreaming 2:59
No! No! No! 2:48
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not 2:00
London Social Degree 2:09
Dead 3:11
Foolish Seasons 2:11
Where Will You Be 2:10
Hard Lovin' Loser 3:50

Дана явно шла к успеху напролом,ГРУДЬЮ👯

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C. A. Quintet

Trip Thru Hell 1969

1 Trip Thru Hell (Part 1)
Drums [Solo] – Rick Patron
2 Colorado Mourning 2:31
3 Cold Spider 4:41
4 Underground Music 4:43
5 Sleepy Hollow Lane 2:04
6 Smooth As Silk
Drums – Paul Samuels
7 Trip Thru Hell (Part 2) 3:40
Bonus Tracks
8 Dr. Of Philosophy 2:09
9 Blow To My Soul 1:59
10 Ain't No Doubt About It 2:31
11 Mickey's Monkey
12 I Put A Spell On You
13 I Shot The King 2:22
14 Fortune Teller's Lie 2:09
15 Sadie Lavone 2:49
16 Bury Me In A Marijuana Field 2:11
17 Colorado Mourning 2:13
18 Underground Music 2:08
19a Smooth As Silk 2:12
19b C. A. Quintet & Stillroven Radio Ad [Hidden Track] 1:08
Garage Rock / Psychedelic Rock Band, active in between the Mid 60's to the Early 70's. Reunited again in the 1990's.
Released one of the "Holy Grails" of Psych/Garage Rock Music in 1969 with Trip Thru Hell.

A1 And Your Bird Can Sing
A2 Badge
A3 Born To Be Wild
A4 I'm A Man
B1 4am In New York
B2 Light My Fire
B3 Wild Child
B4 China Clipper

Limited edition 180g vinyl LP. Newly discovered recording.
In January 1971 legendary Minneapolis psychedelic band the C A Quintet, creators of one of the most sought-after and celebrated underground albums of the '60s, Trip Thru Hell, decided to call it a day and play one final swan-song at Lake Pepin High School. Three tracks from this gig were hastily issued by the band in the early '80s in response to a bootleg of the Trip Thru Hell LP that had then recently surfaced. Whilst many thought then that this was the last that would ever be heard of the band again, earlier this year two surprising events happened - 1, the original master-tape of the gig was discovered. 2, it was found to contain material far stronger than that on the old live album and also to include previously unheard original material. The band perform storming versions of '60s classics like 'Born To Be Wild' and 'Badge' alongside originals '4am In New York City' and the closing number 'China Clipper' - the final song ever performed by the C A Quintet. This will be a limited edition one-off custom pressing featuring new liner notes specially written for this edition by band founder and leader Ken Erwin who also supervised the remastering of these recordings.

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Три Колодца · Three Water-Sources 4:42
Солнце · The Sun 2:33
Нет Красивей · You're The Prettiest 3:25
Это Любовь · It's Love 5:55
Песенка Насреддина · Nasreddin's Song 2:45
Ялла · Yalla 4:28
Беспечная Красавица · Careless Beauty 4:30
Позвала Меня Дорога · The Road Called Me 5:25


Касыда На Приход Весны 5:33
Рубаи 5:23
Газель 6:53
Последняя Поэма 5:53
Нет Красивей 3:05
Несравненная 3:49
Кто Рассеет Мрак? 5:08

Ялла́» (узб. Ялла, Yalla) — советский и узбекский вокально-инструментальный ансамбль под управлением Фарруха Закирова, созданный в Ташкенте в 1970 году.
Известен по песням «Три колодца» («Учкудук») (Фаррух Закиров — Юрий Энтин), «Это любовь»/«Последняя поэма» (Алексей Рыбников — Рабиндранат Тагор, перевод Аделины Адалис), «Песенка Насреддина» (музыка народная — С. Тилла), «Ялла» (Фаррух Закиров — Абдурахим Пулат), «Без любимых глаз» (Ставрос Куюмдзис — Пётр Сулоев), «Шахрисабз», «Чайхана», «Звезда Востока»/«Сияй, Ташкент», «Чинури (Джинуни)» и многим другим.

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David Jones ‎– David Jones - The Deluxe Edition

1 What Are We Going To Do?
2 Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner
3 Put Me Amongst The Girls
4 Any Old Iron
5 Theme For A New Love
6 It Ain't Me Babe
7 Face Up To It
8 Dream Girl
9 Baby It's Me
10 My Dad
11 This Bouquet
Bonus Selections
12 Take Me To Paradise
13 The Girl From Chelsea
По многочисленным просьбам,первый альбом будущего солиста легендарного ВИА- Monkees

Vashti Bunyan

1 Diamond Day Written-By – Vashti Bunyan 2 Glow Worms Written-By – Vashti Bunyan 3 Lily Pond Written-By – Vashti Bunyan 4 Timot...