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пятница, 23 июня 2017 г.


01. Kidrock - Ice Cream Man
02. Los Brincos - Nobody Wants You Now
03. Rhubarb Rhubarb - Moneylender
04. Peter Cook & Dudley Moore - Bedazzled
05. Jackie Lomax - Honey Machine
06. Kidrock - Auntie Annie's Place
07. Head West - Someday
08. Waterloo - Why May I Not Know
09. Johnny Burton - Polevault Man
10. Tandem - Shapes & Shadows
11. The Penny Peeps - I See The Morning
12. Jon Plum - Alice
13. Nick Garrie - Wheel of Fortune
14. Dry Ice - Running to the Convent
15. Arzachel - Garden of Earthly Delights
16. Vashti - I'd Like To Walk Around In Your Mind
17. Mystery Track # 1

вторник, 20 июня 2017 г.

The Road

The Road hailed from Buffalo, New York, and released a few 45s and two albums on Kama Sutra Records between 1967 and 1970.
The band, featuring Phil and Jerry Hudson on vocals, Joe and Jim Hesse on bass and keyboards, Ralph Parker on guitar and Nick DeStefano on drums hit the charts (Top 40 in several markets) with their cover of the Zombies’ ‘She’s Not There’ in the early part of 1969.

She's Not There 3:43
Love Is All 3:21
Love-It-Is 4:42
Taste Of Honey 2:32
I Can Only Give You Everything 2:47
Dance To The Music (Shotgun) 5:29
Never Gonna Give You Up 3:11
Mr. Soul 2:40
In Love 1:55
See You There 2:12
Rock & Roll Woman 2:52
The Grass Is Greener 2:31

The Tuely And Mary Medley
Tuely's Day 4:21
Tuely And Mary 4:58
Make You See 5:40
Alone 2:57
Wellsville 6:11
Power Of Love 3:47
If I Ever Needed A Woman 2:38
Better Be Sure 2:55
40 Days And Nights (Introduction) 4:45
40 Days And Nights 4:32
Make It 2:49
Anyone At All 3:04
I Want To Go Clear 4:20
Play The Game 2:59

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David Garrick ‎– The Pye Anthology 1998

A Boy Called David
1-1 Go
1-2 When The World Was Our Own
1-3 One Little Smile
1-4 We Must Be In Love
1-5 Lady Jane
1-6 Let's Go Somewhere
1-7 Dear Mrs. Applebee
1-8 You're What I'm Living For
1-9 So Much Love
1-10 I'm Looking Straight At You
1-11 A Groovy Kind Of Love
1-12 Liza Brown
1-13 You Don't Know
1-14 Dandy
1-15 I've Been Lovin' You Too Long
1-16 Ain't Gonna Lie
1-17 Master John (The Preacher's Son)
1-18 It's Just Not That Easy
1-19 The Man Who Took The Valise Off The Floor Of Grand Central Station At Noon
1-20 I've Found A Love
1-21 (You Can't Hide) A Broken Heart
1-22 A Certain Misunderstanding
1-23 Please Mr. Movingman
1-24 Yellow Balloon
1-25 What Can A Man Do?
1-26 The Story Of My Life
1-27 Spicks & Specks
Don't Go Out Into The Rain, Sugar
2-1 I Got The Feelin'
2-2 Somewhere
2-3 Don't Go Out Into The Rain (You're Gonna Melt, Sugar)
2-4 What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted
2-5 Theme For A Wishing Heart
2-6 Dancing In The Street
2-7 The Gentle People
2-8 Unchained Melody
2-9 Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
2-10 That's How Love Goes
2-11 Please Stay
2-12 Ave Maria
2-13 Rainbow
2-14 I'll Be Home
2-15 A Little Bit Of This (And A Little Bit Of That)
2-16 Flutterby Butterfly
2-17 Maypole Mews
2-18 Like To Get To Know You Better
2-19 Poor Little Me
2-20 Molly With The Hair Like Silver
2-21 Big Brother's Heart
2-22 Crystal Ball
2-23 I'll Wait For You
2-24 Monsieur Dupont
2-25 Don't Take Your Guns To Town
2-26 Only A Rose
2-27 Because You Come To Me

David Garrick
Real Name:
Phillip Darryl Core
British singer born on September 12, 1946 in Liverpool.
Died August 23, 2013

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Seeing Stars-1969

Seeing Stars
Words To Say
Time Goes By
The Road
Rise & Shine
Still Dreaming
Who You Know

Please  ‎– 1968/69

We Aim To Please 2:51
No More White Horses 3:21
Paper Anne 3:15
Seaweed 5:10
Break The Spell 3:17
Strange Ways 3:21
Man With No Name 3:27
Watching 2:11
You're Still Waiting 2:05
Breakthrough 3:23
The Story 2:24
Folder Man 2:24

Please were formed by Peter Dunton and Bernie Jinks in late 1967. They had just returned to Britain from Germany where they had played with Neon Pearl, which also included their third member Jurgen Ermisch. The fourth original member Adrian Gurvitz later co-founded Gun. Unfortunately this line-up left no vinyl legacy or unreleased recordings that have been located behind it. They disbanded in May 1968 when Peter Dunton joined The Flies for whom he wrote both sides of their Magic Train 45. When The Flies split up at the end of 1968, Dunton reformed the band (line-up 'B'). Rob Hunt had also been in The Flies. They recorded all the cuts compiled on this album. Please split again in April 1969 when Peter Dunton joined Gun. The remaining members recruited a new drummer and renamed themselves Bulldog Breed. They later cut the Made In England album. In the Autumn of 1969, Peter Dunton quit Gun to reform Please with Bernie Jinks and Nick Spenser (ex-Neon Pearl). This incarnation was relatively short-lived as they had difficulty recruiting a suitable keyboard player. In early 1970 Dunton, Jinks and a later Bulldog Breed member Keith Cross joined forces to form T2, who were responsible for the excellent It'll All Work Out In Boomland album. One of T2's tracks, No More White Horses also crops up in a radically different form on Please's 1968/69 retrospective. 
(taken from "Tapestry Of Delights")

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Dr. Marigold's Prescription

Members: Alan French (keyboards), Bill Friend (bass), Dave Morris (drums), Fred Radley (guitar, vocals).
In the early days Dr Marigold did back several artists to include:
Bruce Channel (USA), John Walker (Walker brothers) USA, The Flirtations, Madeline Bell, Dominic Grant was not a member of the band, although Dr. Marigold backed him for a while on a promotional tour.
DMP evolved from a group called "The Followers"based around North and East London in 1967. They took on a girl singer,a very good one,but lost her when they recorded their first single, released on the PYE label in 1969.They did work with "Billy Fury" on and off between 1968 and 1970 but were ambitious and wanted their own career. Their fisrt single was called "My Old Man's A Groovy Old Man"written by two members of 60's hit group the "Easy Beat".During their career they worked with the great "Bruce Channel"of "Hey Baby" fame.They appeared on the "Basil Brush" show twice,the "Roger Whittaker" show and many "Radio One shows".Not only were they a very professional outfit but were also very good friends and that friendship has lasted right up until now.

Pictures Of Life 1969

Sweet Cherry Wine
My Future Is Past
Land Of Fusan
Visions Of A Hobo
Can't You See I'm Right
You've Got To Build Your Love On A Solid Foundation
I Threw It All Away
A Mother's Love
Picture Of Life
Tie Me Down

Hello Girl  1973

A1 Medusa
A2 Muddy Water
A3 What The Heck
A4 Without A Place To Go
A5 Hello Girl
B1 She Belongs To Me
B2 Lean On Me
B3 Tokens
B4 Crazy Porno Love
B5 Fairy Tale Lullaby

Bonus-Single Collection

Команда образовалась в 1967 году в Лондоне на базе группы The Followers. Название взято от одноименной повести Чарльза Диккенса "Рецепты доктора Мериголда", только в названии группы оно в единственном числе: Рецепт доктора Мериголда. По словам клавишника Алана Френча, "мы выбрали это название, потому что оно звучало очень психоделически, это название одной повести Чарльза Диккенса, очень хорошей кстати." В состав вошли: клавишник Алан Френч, бас-гитарист Билл Френд, барабанщик Дейв Моррис, главный вокалист и гитарист Фред Рэдли. 

Сначала у них была певица Дженни, но она ушла, когда группа записала свой первый сингл в 1968 году на PYE Records. Это была песня "My Old Man's a Groovy Old Man" (Мой старик - балдежный старик), которая была хитом начала шестидесятых у группы The Easybeats. В то время Doctor Marigold's Prescription выступали много и в самых невероятных местах, например на американских и британских военных базах, а также по клубам центрального Лондона, несколько раз засветились на Радио 1 БиБиСи и на телевидении. 

Потеряв одну девушку, группа обрела сразу нескольких - на какое-то время Doctor Marigold's Prescription были просто аккомпанирующей командой для девичьего вокального трио Chantelles. Они завербовались на круизные корабли, где совмещали работу с отдыхом, путешествуя по Средиземному и Карибскому морям. Однажды в лондонском пабе под названием "Дублинский замок" они познакомились с легендарным Билли Фьюри и стали его аккомпанирующей командой. Фьюри был невероятно популярной поп-звездой Великобритании конца 1950-х, начала 1960-х. Неся на себе элвисовскую харизму (он даже также как Элвис крутил тазом), и будучи не чужд рок-н-роллу, он побивал в добитловскую эпоху все рекорды продажи пластинок. К концу шестидесятых, когда его повстречали Doctor Marigold's Prescription, слава Билли Фьюри конечно померкла. И все же их тепло встречали по городам и весям Англии. Следующим, кому аккомпанировали Doctor Marigold's Prescription стал американский певец Брюс Чаннел, дважды приезжавший на гастроли в Великобританию. Оба раза группа гастролировала с ним, а также записалась на Радио Один БиБиСи. 

В 1969 вышел второй сингл группы - "You've Got To Build Your Love On A Solid Foundation"/"Pictures Of Life". Обе песни вошли в дебютный альбом. Все это не имело никакого коммерческого успеха. Пластинки попросту говоря не продавались. Отсюда их дефицит и высокая цена сегодня. PYE Records больше не захотела иметь дело с группой, и следующий - третий сингл - вышел в октябре 1970 уже на Bell Records - "Sing Along Sing Along Sing Along"/"Farmer Jim". Сингл очень часто крутили на Радио Один, но продажам пластинки это не помогло, зато группа была сильно востребована на концерты. 

Вернон Джойнсон сильно не прав в своей энциклопедии малоизвестных британских исполнителей The Tapestry Of Delights, называя Doctor Marigold's Prescription "довольно заурядной группой, название которой обещает нечто большее." Смотря чего ожидать. Скорее всего, название и обложки сыграли обратный эффект, вводя слушателя в заблуждение. На самом деле, как говорится у классиков "нам подсунули гораздо лучший мех", только не психоделический. Несмотря на психоделическое название и вычурную обложку, вы не встретите здесь никакой кислотности, здесь нет роковых риффов и гитарных соло. Это поп-песни с элементами R&B и соул, но они уникальны благодаря своеобразному вокалу Фреда Рэдли и интересному инструментальному звучанию, густо аранжированному клавишными. Какое-то представление об их песнях может дать сравнение с ранними альбомами группы Bee Gees, но это чисто ассоциативное. Рэдли поет гораздо жестче. Здесь мы имеем дело с тем случаем, когда музыка не цепляет с первого раза, зато нравится все больше и больше по мере внимательного прослушивания. 

Альбом Pictures Of Life - редкая пластинка, почти не появляется в продаже. Других переизданий не наблюдалось, кроме странного издания в США под названием Play And Sing - Hit Songs from London, вышедшего на Alshire (S-5159). Список песен абсолютно аналогичный Pictures Of Life, но обложка совсем другая. Фред Рэдли в блогах сообщил, что на обложке этого издания нет ни одного участника группы Doctor Marigold's Prescription: "там совсем другие люди, но музыка наша", и он считает, что это бутлегерский выпуск. Ему виднее, ибо авторские с этой пластинки никто не выплачивал. 

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The Golden Age of Underground Radio

The Golden Age Of Underground Radio Featuring Tom Donahue 1989

Various ‎– The Golden Age Of Underground Radio Featuring Tom Donahue
Psychedelic Rock
–Tom Donahue Tom's Sign On
–Spirit Fresh Garbage
–Tom Donahue Tom
–The Chambers Brothers Time Has Come Today
–The Byrds So You Want To Be A Rock And Roll Star
–Commercial Family Dog Commercial
–The Youngbloods Get Together
–Tom Donahue Tom
–Leon Russell Shoot Out At The Plantation
–Joe Cocker Delta Lady
–Commercial Leopold Records Commercial
–Donovan Atlantis
–Donovan Hurdy Gurdy Man
–Tom Donahue Tom
–The Youngbloods Darkness, Darkness
–Ten Years After I'd Love To Change The World
–Tom Donahue Tom
–News KSAN Newscast From 1969
–Canned Heat On The Road Again
–Commercial Leopold Records Commercial
–Quicksilver Messenger Service What About Me
–Tom Donahue Tom
–Lee Michaels Do You Know What I Mean
–Tom Donahue Tom's Closing
–The Amboy Dukes Scottish Tea

The Golden Age of Underground Radio featuring B. Mitchell Reed 1997

Various ‎– The Golden Age of Underground Radio featuring B. Mitchell Reed
DCC Compact Classics ‎– DZS-130
CD, Compilation, Stereo 
Prog Rock
1 –B. Mitchell Reed Sign-on 1:00
2 –Spirit (8) I Got A Line On You 2:37
3 –Donovan Barabajagal 3:20
4 –B. Mitchell Reed Banter 1:00
5 –Ike & Tina Turner Honk Tonk Woman 3:10
6 –B. Mitchell Reed Hip Bagel Commercial 1:00
7 –Canned Heat Rollin' And Tumblin 3:05
8 –The Electric Flag Killing Floor 4:11
9-10 –B. Mitchell Reed Leather/Jeans Commercial 2:00
11 –Dave Mason Only You Know And I Know 4:05
12 –Mitch Easter Banter 1:00
13 –Harry Nilsson You Can't Do That 2:16
14 –B. Mitchell Reed Banter 1:00
15 –The Byrds Eight Miles High 3:34
16 –Love Alone Again Or 3:12
17 –B. Mitchell Reed Banter 1:00
18 –Steppenwolf The Pusher 5:43
19-22 –B. Mitchell Reed Banter - KMET News commercials 4:00
23 –Spirit (8) Natures Way 2:40
24 –Jefferson Airplane Wooden Ships 6:24
25-27 –B. Mitchell Reed Grateful Dead Commercial 3:00
28 –Brewer And Shipley Witchi-Tai-To 6:57
29 –B. Mitchell Reed Sign-off 1:00
30 –Mark-Almond The City 11:30
Mastered By – Steve Hoffman (tracks: 1-30)
B. Mitchel Reed was born Burton Mitchel Goldberg in Brooklyn on June 10, 1926. After graduating from Boy's High School in 1944, he became a navigator on a B-17 in Europe during the last year of World War II. He entered radio following a decision at the University of Illinois to forgo a career teaching political-science "for the boogie and the glamour of broadcasting." In 1956, he landed the all-night "Birdland Jazz Show" at WOR New York. In 1957, Mitch moved his "Boy On A Couch" show to KFWB Los Angeles and there became one of the original "Seven Swingin' Gentlemen" at the launch of Top 40 "Color Radio" in 1958. "The fastest tongue in the West" hosted a #1 rated 6PM-9PM high energy show using horns, bells and buzzers until February 20, 1963 when he was wooed back to his hometown as one of "The Good Guys" at WMCA New York: "I'm not talking too fast, you're listening too slow." Again rated #1, "Your Leader" spent time in London developing contacts with Brian Epstein, Derek Taylor and The Beatles which led to exclusive interviews and advance record pressings that helped break The Beatles in New York. After his final WMCA show on March 25, 1965 he was cheered by thousands at the airport, a scene that was repeated when he landed in L.A. for his return to KFWB with "The Wide Wide Weird World of BMR" where he became a voice for the counterculture. He recognized a music explosion was beginning, and he turned the evening hours into album-oriented rock programming after he met with Tom Donahue at the June 1967 Monterey Pop Festival and discovered their common frustration with radio music restrictions. Donahue was PD of pioneer underground rocker KMPX-FM San Francisco and was looking for an L.A. outlet. He found KPPC-FM in the basement of the Pasadena Presbyterian Church. After the KMPX/KPPC Strike ended in June 1968, Reed and Donahue each supplied KMET-FM with four hours of taped album rock while BMR programmed the rest of KMET, one of the first 24 hour automated music stations. "The Beamer" gained validity for "Underground Radio" from the ad agencies with his afternoon drive show that finally went live in Summer 1969. He was responsible for introducing to the public many of the most influential rock musicians ever, including Joni Mitchell. He underwent successful coronary bypass surgery in 1978 and left KMET for KLOS-FM. B. Mitchel Reed "kept his mind open and his spirit free" until his death from a lingering heart condition at the age of 56 on March 16, 1983.

По заявке Владимира Величко в День Радио !