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Gothic Horizon


1970 - The Jason Lodge Poetry Book

01. The Jason Lodge Poetry Book (Mike Simmons) - 4:17
02. Song For Susan (Andy Desmond) - 2:46
03. Odysseus (Mike Simmons) - 5:09
04. A.J.Lone's Dog (Mike Simmons) - 2:50
05. Willow Tree Vale Song (Mike Simmons) - 3:49
06. Six Summers Back (Mike Simmons) - 2:06
07. Song (Mike Simmons) - 3:55
08. Althea Williams (Andy Desmond) - 3:45
09. Wilhelmina Before Sunrise (Andy Desmond) - 3:14
10. St. Valentine's Day Massacre (Mike Simmons) - 2:44
11. A Third For Jason Lodge (Mike Simmons) - 2:07
12. Pisces (Andy Desmond) - 3:44
13. A Farewell Ode To Port Sunlight (Andy Desmond) - 2:33

1972-Tomorrow's Another Day.....

Thyme And Tied 3:15
Sydney's Wharf 4:15
Beverley's Song (Song For Beverley) 3:35
Baby, You Make The Sunshine 2:50
Lament (For Two Voices) 3:50
Sunny Day Parable 4:34
Song No. 1 4:10
Girl With Guitar 3:25
If You Can Smile 3:35
Jefferson James 3:40
Thoughts 2:45
Tomorrow's Another Day 6:50

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Claire Lepage & Compagnie


Les Chemins De L'Amour 3:01

Demain 3:19

Rendez-vous Express 2:51

L'Amour Est Là 2:36

Depuis Que C'Est Arrivé 2:32

Take It Easy 2:54

Tomorrow 2:43

Quand La Nuit Sera Tombée 5:20

We Can't Work It Out 2:05

Un Poète, Un Roi, Une Bergère 3:26


So if you've heard of Claire Lepage, my guess would be you'd know her for her 60's mod kind of French Ye-Ye pop.

It would appear that for the 70's or at least this one LP, she was looking for a harder edge sound.

Maybe something more current tilting on the edge of the revolution.

It's still a pop record but definitely with a harder edge. Crunchy dirty guitars leap out at you on almost every track. It's got cowbells and harmonies, ballads and rockers. It's not psychedelic rock, not any sort of proto-metal, just a good hard rock record in the true turn of the decade style.

At times, it could be Shocking Blue, James Gang or maybe even Savage Rose.

It's got its lighter side for sure. There's a couple of ballads here, but to me they're pretty likeable especially Quit La Nuit Sera Tombee.

It's a gentle breeze.

I'm never really bored of this and can easily take it all in.

Side one is sung all in French, Side two is sung in English, except for the last track.

Les Chemins De L'Amour with it's catchy chorus, multi-tracked backing vocals, shaking percussion and riffed out snipets moves you well into this.

Rendez-vous Express could be a cover of Pre-Downs Road by Crosby, Stills & Nash, at a minimum, it borrows the melody. The next track L'Amour Est La, sounds like a cover of Edison Lighthouse - Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes), It's credited to the writers, but not sure if it's what is being sung. Claire has a writing credit too, so it might be her lyrical twist on it.

The next track Depuis Que C'Est sure sounds like The Kinks-You're Lookin' Fine, but there is no Kink Kredited, so, I'm unsure if it's a cover or not.

One way or the other, a standout track showcasing the crafty Gauthier guitar work. One of the reasons you will want this for sure.

The second side starts out rocking with two standout tracks filled with thick Hammonds, crunched up guitars and a heavy vocal sound. This could have come from Detroit, or it might be For Ladies Only.

Either way, two tracks that measure up and should be in your collection if you collect the 69/70 sound.

Personally, I could do without the Beatles cover, but I'm one of those people who thinks Beatle songs should only be performed by Beatles, so no matter how good, you'll never win that one with me.

Overall, one of two weak moments on this for me, the other being Love Grows.....just not my favorite, that's all. The rest of this plays like a dream.

It's one of those LP's that has made me wonder, how could Canada be so close to the U.S. and still have so many overlooked gems in the world of record collecting. This is another record that I can't believe has slipped through the cracks of the 21st Century vinyl re-issue craze.

If it's a steal, grab it. Anyone that knows Claire will not let this go cheaply as it must be her rarest.

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1 Sad Stone 9:41
2 Remember Ronny 2:15
3 Dracula's Way Of Makin' Love 1:00
4 Have A Coke 2:30
5 Ugly Dirty Man 3:13
6 Tower Of Illusion 1:43
7 Spiders In Your Hair 2:55
Deborah Jane And Laurelie 17:56
8 Chapter 1: Deborah 5:03
9 Chapter 2: Fish 2:51
10 Chapter 3: Days, Dreams, Hopes 3:12
11 Chapter 4: Pink Clouds 3:15
12 Chapter 5: Laurelie, Laurelie 3:33

Bass [Guitar], Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Written-by – Pierre Raepsaet
Drums – André Marquet
Flute, Vocals – Francis Dozin
Guitar [Acoustic, Electric], Vocals – Christian Boissart
Piano, Organ, Vocals – Yvon Hubert

Очень любопытная бельгийская псих-проговая группа 
(вокал – Пьер Рапса, “засветившийся” позже в Jenghiz 

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Hamilton Camp


Paths Of Victory 1964

Guess I'm Doin' Fine 3:45
Girl Of The North Country 2:28
The Rubaiyat 2:39
Walkin' Down The Line 2:33
A Satisfied Mind 4:18
Pride Of Man 2:27
Get Together 3:59
Innisfree 3:06
Long Time Gone 3:08
Only A Hobo 3:02
Irish Poems: The Lonely / The Stranger's Grave 2:44
Tomorrow Is A Long Time 2:45
Paths Of Victory 2:52

Here's To You 1968

Here's To You 2:16
Travelin' In The Dark 2:35
Seven Circles 2:22
A Lot Can Happen In A Day 2:40
Lonely Place 2:40
Love Is 2:40
For My Loved Ones 2:41
Flower And Flame 3:00
Leavin' Anyhow 2:35
Garden Of Love 3:20
Lisa 2:12
Handwriting On The Wall 2:10

Welcome To Hamilton Camp 1969

America 3:32
So Much Comfort In You 3:32
On Your Bond 3:58
I Shall Be Released 3:35
The Ballad Of Ira Hayes 3:02
Nectar Of God 3:23
People In A Hurry 2:40
Come Down 2:20
Trout 3:07
April Come She Will 2:40
Honey Wine 2:58
Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye 3:27
Now I Am Older 3:17

Hamilton Camp
Hamid Hamilton Camp
Born: October 30, 1934, London, England
Died: October 2, 2005, Los Angeles, California

a/k/a Hamilton "Bob" Camp, or simply Bob Camp, English-born American singer, songwriter, actor and voice actor known for co-writing (with Bob Gibson) such songs as Simon and Garfunkel's "You Can Tell The World" (1964) and Judy Collins' "Ten O'Clock All Is Well" (1963), and for writing "Pride Of Man", recorded by both Gordon Lightfoot and Quicksilver Messenger Service. He was also the voice of Fenton Crackshell, aka GizmoDuck, on the Disney animated series DuckTales.

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Galaxy ‎– Day Without The Sun 1976 (USA)

Space Mountain
Green Stuff
Look What You Done
Sky Queen
Day Without The Sun

Bass – Pepper Leonardy
Drums – Miss Gunner Powell
Engineer – Ray Lynn, Tom Markham
Guitar, Producer, Music By – Frenzi Fabbri
Keyboards, Producer, Music By, Layout – Space Mama Geiger
Mastered By – John Eberle
Mixed By – Michael Workman

As in their own words: "Galaxy appeared as a space rock quartet in the mid 70's in the heart of the Southland USA on the Eastern Seabord".


Galaxy  ‎– Nature's Clear Well  1978 (Switzerland)

Nature's Clear Well 10:50
You've Really Got It Fixed 4:22
Warning Walls 5:14
Dreams Out In The Rain 6:22
I've Come From A World 4:19
Wish I Were Happy 6:16

Renamed for one album from Waniyetula. This Galaxy played an inventive, yet heavily lyrical, progressive rock with a fresh direct approach.

Heinz Kühne, Hermann Beckert, Norbert Abels, Richard Kersten, Victor Bergmann

Galaxy  ‎– Visions 1978 (Germany)

Ladies In The Wind 6:39
Morning Of The Magicians - Part One 6:50
Supermarket 4:31
Consequences 6:55
Visions 6:23
Excerpts "Time" - Part Two 5:20
Warrior Of The Endless Time 6:26
Atomic Flight 7:50

From Bremen, this Galaxy were a short-lived German progressive who existed for a dozen or so gigs and recorded the one self-financed album.

Bernd Steinhardt, Frank Dahme, Gottfried Antpöhler, Heiko Beck, Thomas Asche

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1. Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl (2:17)

2. Mr Tambourine Man (2:12)

3. House Of The Rising Sun (2:48)

4. Marie Elena (2:24)

5. Bo Diddley (3:11)

6. Memphis, Tennessee (2:31)

7. What The New Breed Say (2:13)

8. Take It Or Leave It (2:45)

9. I'll Keep On Seeing You (2:29)

10. Linguica (1:34)

11. Suzy Q (1:47)

12. I've Got A Woman (3:17)


Victor “Moulty” Moulton (drums, vocals)

Jeff Morris (guitar)

Jerry Causi (bass)

Bruce Benson (lead guitar)

US garage rock band, based in Boston, Massachusetts


1. Ev'rybody's Talking 'bout My Baby (2:51)
2. Mr. Disappointed (2:26)
3. Left Right Left (2:15)
4. You'd Better Get A Better Hold On (2:10)
5. A Love Like Yours (2:13)
6. Base Line (2:11)
7. My One Chance To Make It (1:58)
8. Ain't No Soul (Left In These Ole Shoes) (2:14)
9. Silver Tree Top School For Boys (2:11)
10. Sugar Chocolate Machine (2:19)
11. Rain Coloured Roses (2:40)
12. Everything Is You (2:22)
13. Little Boy (3:06)
14. When I'm Five (2:58)
15. Ramble On (2:43)
16. St. Louis Blues (2:36)

Dave Lennox, Alan Mair, Ronnie Smith, Eddie Campbell, Jeff Allan

Эта группа образована в Шотландии, Глазго в 1962 году. На родине были очень популярны , иногда их называли "Шотландскими Битлз". Поначалу, как это бывает со многими музыкантами, на концертах они исполняли песни "чёрных музыкантов" из Америки, а также каверы вещей The Rolling Stones. В поисках "музыкального" счастья группа отправилась в Лондон на Decca Records. Здесь им повезло, они познакомились с Дэвидом Боуи (David Bowie) и стали теперь частенько включать в свой репертуар его песни. Но проблема с выпуском альбома состояла в другом.... им никогда не удавалось собрать достаточно материала на лонгплей, поэтому дело ограничивалось синглами, которые выходили постоянно в течении пяти лет, примерно по одному-двум в год. На этом компакт-диске, считаю, что названным так абсолютно верно, собран практически весь записанный группой материал.

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A-Cads/The Kynd (South Africa)


1 –A-Cads Hungry For Love

2 –A-Cads Got My Mojo Working

3 –A-Cads Pain In My Heart

4 –A-Cads Don't Fight It

5 –A-Cads As Tears Go By

6 –A-Cads Watch Your Step

7 –A-Cads In The Midnight Hour

8 –A-Cads Steal Your Heart 2:18

9 –A-Cads Mister Pitiful

10 –A-Cads Down The Road

11 –A-Cads Blues

12 –A-Cads Nadine

13 –A-Cads Candy Man

14 –A-Cads Hubble Bubble

15 –A-Cads I Feel Fine

16 –A-Cads Honey I Need

17 –Hank Squires Sick And Tired

18 –Hank Squires Play With Fire

19 –Hank Squires Strange Effect


A1 Shy Girl

A2 Hideaway

A3 Too Much Monkey Business

A4 Be Kind

A5 I've Been Wrong

A6 Talking 'Bout You

B1 Dimples

B2 Don't Ever Change

B3 Dancing In The Street

B4 Take It Or Leave It

B5 Just One Look

B6 Nagging Woman


Gothic Horizon

  1970 - The Jason Lodge Poetry Book 01. The Jason Lodge Poetry Book (Mike Simmons) - 4:17 02. Song For Susan (Andy Desmond) - 2:46 03. Odys...