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The Zombies / Neil MacArthur / Rod Argent & Chris White – Into The Afterlife

 1 –Neil MacArthur She's Not There 3:17
2 –Neil MacArthur Hung Upside Down 3:29
3 –Rod Argent & Chris White Unhappy Girl 2:25
4 –Rod Argent & Chris White She Loves The Way They Love Her 2:21
5 –Rod Argent & Chris White Telescope (Mr Galileo) 2:29
6 –The Zombies Walking In The Sun (Orchestral Mix) 2:42
7 –Neil MacArthur Without Her 3:16
8 –Neil MacArthur Twelve Twenty Nine 2:56
9 –Rod Argent & Chris White It Never Fails To Please Me 2:23
10 –Rod Argent & Chris White I Could Spend The Day 2:31
11 –The Zombies I Know She Will (Orchestral Mix) 2:33
12 –Neil MacArthur Don't Try To Explain 3:19
13 –Neil MacArthur World Of Glass 2:24
14 –Rod Argent & Chris White To Julia (For When She Smiles) 3:10
15 –The Zombies If It Don't Work Out (Orchestral Mix) 2:28
16 –Neil MacArthur Never My Love 2:37
17 –Neil MacArthur It's Not Easy 2:47
18 –Chris White  & Argent Telescope (Mr Galileo) 2:41
19 –The Zombies Going To A Go Go 2:44
20 –Neil MacArthur Ma Non E Giusto (She's Not There - Italian) 3:16

The Zombies
Вариации песен великой группы,в частности К.Бланстоун здесь под ником некого Маккартура
Review by Richie Unterberger

Although the Zombies broke up at the end of 1967, there wasn't a wholly clean break between that era
and the time by which Rod Argent and Chris White established themselves with Argent, and Colin Blunstone
established himself as a solo artist. For a year or two, they variously wrote, recorded, and produced demos
and low-profile official releases as they hatched their next moves, Blunstone even left the music business
entirely for a while. While some of this material came out under the Zombies name, much of it either remained
unreleased or (in the case of Blunstone's recordings) was issued under the pseudonym of Neil MacArthur.
The 20-track Into the Afterlife compilation rescues much of this rare material, combining numerous previously
unissued demos recorded by the group's primary songwriters (Argent and White) with both sides of all three of
the singles Blunstone released as Neil MacArthur. It also offers a couple MacArthur/Blunstone outtakes,
alternate "orchestral" mixes of a few late Zombies tracks, an Italian-language recording of MacArthur's "She's Not There,"
and even a genuinely live-on-TV 1967 Zombies cover of the Miracles' "Going to a Go-Go." Far from being a barrel-scraping exercise,
it shows the musicians to be making interesting music in its own right that often sounded like a natural
continuation of what the Zombies had recorded in the late '60s. Argent handles lead vocals on the Argent/White demos,
and while he's not quite as good a singer as Blunstone, he's both good and has a similar style, making those cuts sound
pretty close to genuine Zombies tracks. Their songs share many traits with the Zombies' material circa Odessey and Oracle
in their baroque melodicism, breathy vocals, and haunting flavor, though with just a tinge of the progressive rock that
was starting to emerge at the end of the '60s. "Telescope (Mr. Galileo)" and "Unhappy Girl" are both standouts in this
regard, and "To Julia (For When She Smiles)," the best track on the entire CD, is more than a standout; its delicate
combination of quasi-classical balladry and choral backup vocals is every bit the equal of the best tracks on Odessey and Oracle.
The Neil MacArthur tracks (including the minor U.K. hit remake of "She's Not There") are more floridly produced orchestrated pop/rock,
but also have their silky charms, particularly the cover of Nilsson's "Without Her" and the more understated, acoustic-oriented sad
ballad "World of Glass." Thorough annotation by Zombies expert Alec Palao ices the package, and as none of the tracks appear on the
otherwise thorough Palao-compiled Zombies box set Zombie Heaven, this CD is a necessary supplement to that box for fans of the group. 

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The Rudy Schwartz Project ‎– Bowling For Appliances

Lynyrd Skynyrd Memorial Tractor Pull
Bob Eubanks Initiation Ritual And Subsequent Cumbia
Ernest Borgnine Memorial Birthday Party
Cogate Clean
The Fog And The Dew
A Career In Real Estate
Waltz Of The Mortgage Bankers
Ernest Borgnine Reprise
Obigatory Telephone Segue
Protect And Serve
A Sandwich For Adolph
Nice Lawn, Asshole
Snot Mouth Tweedle
Snot Mouth On The Beach
Bowling For Appliances

The Rudy Schwartz Project was founded in 1984 in Austin, Texas by Joe Newman. After leaving a box of consignment cassettes on the sales counter at The Record Exchange, threatening 3 A.M. phone calls soon commenced, and Newman relocated to a bunker in rural Oregon with his faithful dog, Günther, and a large box of biker and severed head movies on Betamax cassettes. Once the initial supply of salt biscuits and dried snake meat was exhausted, Newman was spotted at a Stop & Go attempting to use forged food stamps to purchase pornographic magazines and cases of Pringles and aerosol cheese. He was subsequently deported to Canada, where unfortunately he has once again gained access to recording equipment. He is writing new songs about disabled primates on skateboards and Sarah Palin’s vaginal excretions, and posting disturbing videos on YouTube. Please don’t encourage him

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2nd Chapter Of Acts

Which Way The Wind Blows 4:58
Goin' Home 2:48
With Jesus 2:45
The Devil's Lost Again 3:06
Love, Peace, Joy 2:33
I Don't Wanna Go Home 2:28
Easter Song 2:20
He Loves Me 5:07
Good News 3:20
I Fall In Love/Change 4:22
The Son Comes Over The Hill 3:23

Start Every Day With A Smile 0:54
Yaweh 3:07
Something Tells Me 3:29
The Grey Song 1:56
Now That I Belong To You 4:04
Ps. 63 1:51
Prince Song 2:51
Morning Comes When You Call 3:10
Borrowed Time 2:30
Last Day Of My Life 3:08
Hey, Whatcha' Say 3:20
Keep On Shinin' 3:13
I Can't Get Near You 2:18
American Christian sibling vocal trio, formed in Los Angeles, California. Pioneers of the "Jesus music" movement, active from 1971 to 1988.

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Thomas Kaye ‎– "Thomas Jefferson Kaye" + "First Grade"

1 The Body Song 4:14
2 Collection Box 4:04
3 The Door Is Still Open 3:24
4 Learning How To Fly 3:33
5 I'll Be Leaving Her Tomorrow 4:21
6 Hole In The Shoe Blues 5:16
7 Snake In The Grass 4:59
8 Thanks For Nothing 4:28
9 Hoe-Bus 4:58
10 Northern California 1:12
11 Easy Kind Of Feeling 3:38
12 Sho 'Bout To Drive Me Wild 4:12
13 Say That You Love Me 2:26
14 American Lovers 4:59
15 Jones 3:17
16 Shine The Light 3:34
17 All Cried Out 4:23
18 L.A. 2:43
19 One Man Band 3:13

Thomas Jefferson Kaye
Born in 1940 as Thomas Jefferson Kontos but changed to Thomas Jefferson Kaye at a young age.
Died in september 1994.
Prolific US songwriter, with 185 work titles registered on BMI. Also a producer and guitarist

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Minnesoda ‎– Minnesoda 1972

A1 Let's Get It On
A2 Smokin' Bitch
A3 Misery Isn`t Free
A4 Shop Talk
B1 When's My Season
B2 Flex
B3 Child`s Play
B4 Partly
B5 Maggie
Band from Minneapolis that were originally named Copperhead, but renamed "Minnesoda" for Capitol Records.

Бывают группы которые цепляют с первых аккордов,это как раз тот случай !

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Noel Redding Band

Clonakilty Cowboys 1975

There's A Light 2:59
Throw Me A Buoy 2:52
After All 4:36
Roller Coaster Kids 3:18
Eight Nights A Week 3:37
Clonakilty Cowboys 2:55
Snowstorm 3:01
Born To His Name 2:50
If I Had 3:40
Got To Move Away 3:44

Blowin' 1976

Back On The Road Again 3:15
California 3:24
Yes It's Alright 3:15
I'd Rather Go Blind 3:20
You Make Me Feel So Good 4:45
Take It Easy 3:35
Love And War 3:29
Before The Photograph 2:45
I'm Just A Sinner 3:45
Hold On 4:30
Cloud  Z
Noel Redding (born December 25, 1945, Folkestone, Kent, England – died May 11, 2003, Clonakilty, County Cork, Ireland) was an English rock bassist and guitarist best known for his work as bassist with The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

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Edwyn Collins ‎– Gorgeous George 1994

The Campaign For Real Rock 6:36
A Girl Like You 3:59
Low Expectations 3:59
Out Of This World 5:37
If You Could Love Me 5:31
North Of Heaven 3:39
Gorgeous George 4:09
It's Right In Front Of You 6:26
Make Me Feel Again 4:23
I've Got It Bad 4:41
Subsidence 5:44

Edwyn Collins
Edwyn Stephen Collins
Scottish singer, songwriter, musician, illustrator, record producer, and television actor and producer.
Born: 23 August, 1959 in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Впервые услышал на каком то сборнике песню .A Girl Like You потом где то в Польше в 1996 купил кассету с этим альбомом,редкий случай на нем можно слушать все !Великолепная работа ! Уже 22 года в личном топе !Вчера у Эдвина было День Рождения !

The Zombies / Neil MacArthur / Rod Argent & Chris White – Into The Afterlife

 1 –Neil MacArthur She's Not There 3:17 2 –Neil MacArthur Hung Upside Down 3:29 3 –Rod Argent & Chris White Unhappy ...