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Nancy Priddy ‎– You've Come This Way Before

You've Come This Way Before 2:45
Ebony Glass 2:18
Mystic Lady 6:25
Christina's World 2:40
We Could Have It All 2:32
My Friend Frank 2:58
O Little Child 4:13
And Who Will You Be Then 3:11
On The Other Side Of The River 2:31
Epitaph 1:15


American actress and singer-songwriter, born 22 January 1941 in South Bend, Indiana, USA. Mother of Christina Applegate. She was married to Robert William Applegate (divorced in 1972).

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 Зимы И Весны 1975

1. Зимы И Весны (музыка и слова В. Ярушина) 
2. Где ждет любовь (музыка и слова А. Богословского) 
3. Старая пластинка (Н. Богословский — Я. Родионов) 
4. Парафраз (на тему русской народной песни «Отдавали молоду» В. Ярушин) 
5. Любите струны гитар (В. Ярушин — В. Колтунов) 
6. Тишина (музыка и слова Л. Гурова) 
7. Светлое воспоминание (Л. Лядова — И. Берендгоф) 
8. Маленькая история (музыка и слова В. Ярушина) 
9. Орган в ночи (Р. Паулс — Д. Авотыня, перевод Л. Азаровой)

Русские картинки 1977

01. Народное гуляние (В.Ярушин - А.Раскин) - 7:03
02. Алёнушка (музыка и слова Р.Геппа) - 4:03
03. Скоморошина (В.Ярушин - А.Раскин) - 7:12
04. Частушки (А.Румянцев - cлова народные) - 3:08
05. Отставала лебёдушка (Русская народная песня, обработка В.Ярушина) - 4:41
06. Я на камушке сижу (Русская народная песня, обработка В.Ярушина) - 3:08
07. По блюду, блюду серебряному (Русская народная песня, обработка В.Ярушина) - 2:29
08. Как по реченьке гоголюшка плывёт (Русская народная песня, обработка В.Ярушина) - 4:03

Ариэль весьма уважаемая среди старых меломанов группа,думаю большей частью из за их раннего творчества ибо где то как раз вскоре после выхода Русских картинок с них вышел пар,и появился достаточно безликий коллектив поющий всякую... 👌
Русские Картинки надо выделить,русского кроме языка там немного,он слеплен из кусочков арт и прогрессив рока первой половины 70-х,вышел легким и светлым и аналогов ему на сов.сцене больше не помню☝

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Jamme ‎– Jamme

Poor Widow 2:34
She Sits There 2:36
Jan 3:06
Strawberry Jam Man 3:16
Richman 3:02
My Old Lady 2:51
Changes 2:12
Empty Feelings 2:10
Scarborough Rose 2:10
Matthew O'Grady 3:40
Thanks To The Man In The Rabbit Hat
Changes (Alt. Version)
Strawberry Jam Man (Alt. Version)
Empty Feelings (Instr.)
Love Makes The World Go 'Round (Demo)
That Girl Has Got A Hold On Me (Demo)
She Sits There (Mono 45)
Poor Widow (Mono 45)

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Magic Carpet ‎– Magic Carpet

The Magic Carpet
The Phoenix
Black Cat
Alan's Christmas Card
Harvest Song
Do You Hear The Words
Father Time
La La
Peace Song
Take Away Kesh
High Street
The Dream
UK Psychedelic folk rock band. They released one LP on the Mushroom label in 1972
Electric Guitar – Jim Moyes
Photography – Gabriel Weissman
Producer, Engineer – Vic Keary
Sitar, Esraj, Tambura – Clem Alford
Tabla, Percussion – Keshav Sathe
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar – Alisha

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Johnny Thunders & Patti Palladin ‎– Copy Cats

Act One
Scene 1 Alligator Wine
Scene 2 Two Time Loser
Scene 3 Treat Her Right
Scene 4 Uptown To Harlem
Scene 5 Crawfish
Act Two
Scene 6 Baby It's You
Scene 7 Can't Seem To Make You Mine
Scene 8 He Cried
Scene 9 I Was Born To Cry
Scene 10 She Wants To Mambo
Johnny Thunders
John Anthony Genzale, Jr.
Queens, New York-born guitarist, singer, and songwriter (July 15, 1952 - April 23, 1991) who first came to prominence as lead guitarist for the New York Dolls.

Pat Palladin

Legendary Punk girl duo (Patti Palladin, Judy Nylon) from New York, associated with the Art-Rock scene.

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Albert DeSalvo / The Bugs ‎– Strangler In The Night /

A–Albert DeSalvo Strangler In The Night 2:00
B–The Bugs Albert, Albert 2:01

Voice – Dick Levitan (tracks: A)
Written-By – The Bugs
Sleeve reads "...These are my thoughts, feelings and emotions." Albert H. DeSalvo.
Astor paid the real serial killer Albert DeSalvo (The Boston Strangler) fifty bucks for the rights to Strangler In The Night which was then ghostwritten and recorded by The Bugs adding the voice of former Boston WEEI reporter Dick Levitan, who actually interviewed DeSalvo a couple of times.

As Mick Jagger once asked: ‘Have you heard about the Boston Strangler?’

Between 1962 and 1964 the city of Boston was terrorised by an ultra-violent serial killer, originally dubbed The Mad Strangler, but more popularly known (thanks to a series of press articles in 1963) as the Boston Strangler. In all 13 single women between the ages of 19 and 85 were murdered: most were sexually assaulted and strangled in their apartments by what was assumed to be one man.

In late 1964, in addition to the Strangler murders, the police were also trying to solve a series of rapes committed by a man who had been dubbed the Green Man. After a stranger entered a young woman's home in East Cambridge, tied her to a bed and sexually assaulted her, he left, saying ‘I'm sorry’. Her description led police to identify the assailant as Albert Henry DeSalvo, former naval petty officer and long-time petty criminal. When his photo was published, many women identified him as the man who had assaulted them. DeSalvo was not originally connected with the murders, but he gave a detailed confession to a cellmate George Nassar and, under hypnosis, to Doctor William Joseph Bryan, Jr., after he was charged with rape. However, there was no physical evidence to substantiate his confession and, because of this, he was tried for earlier, unrelated crimes of robbery and sexual offences.

After DeSalvo was apprehended, news reporter and author Dick Levitan (who worked for Boston’s talk radio station WEEI), was one of the very few reporters allowed to interview him. In a very creepy twist, Levitan was paid an undisclosed sum by Astor Records to record himself narrating DeSalvo’s words (rumour has it that the company also paid DeSalvo $50), putting him together with the local Beatles-influenced beat group The Bugs to produce Strangler in the Night. The Bugs also provided the b-side, Albert, Albert, about DeSalvo’s crime spree. The sleeve for the single reads: “...These are my thoughts, feelings and emotions.” Albert H. DeSalvo. These days it sells (well, people advertise copies for sale) for anything from $20 to $200.

The true identity of the murderer of the 13 women has been the cause of much debate over the years. Although DeSalvo copped for the crimes he was never tried for them and consequently never found guilty. He was found stabbed to death in the infirmary of Walpole State prison in 1973. 40 years later Boston law enforcement officials announced that DNA evidence had linked DeSalvo to 19-year-old Mary Sullivan, the last of the Boston Strangler’s victims. DeSalvo's remains were exhumed, and further DNA tests proved that the seminal fluid recovered at the scene of Mary Sullivan's 1964 murder was, in fact, DeSalvo’s.

Here are both sides of this infamous recording.

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Sagram ‎– Pop Explosion—Sitar Style

A1 Heavenly Feeling
A2 Floating Haze
A3 The Universal Form
B1 Becky's Dance
B2 Morning Glory
B3 Night King

Guitar [Uncredited] – Jim Moyes
Sitar [Uncredited] – Clem Alford
Tabla [Uncredited] – Keshav Sathe

Here we have so British boys coming together to play with the sounds of India. Sagram consisted of a sitar, guitar, and tabla combo, and sitarist Clem Alford apparently spent time in India receiving some proper training. The cover art suggests straight up psychedelic exploitation, but the music is something entirely different. There's not many pop or rock sounds on this LP, if any. I love psychedelic exploitation art, so I consider this a nice surprise even if the art and music don't match. And no, the well-mustached harem king on the cover is not a member of Sagram, although it would be kind of awesome if he was.

While the music here is very well performed and pleasant, the sounds are pretty uniform. You certainly won't hear the variety you might expect from someone like Ali Akbar Khan or Ravi Shankar. It sounds kind of like the house band at a groovy Inidan restaurant in London, with the music floating on well-played, but non-confrontational table grooves - the better to digest your curry, y'know. "The Universal Form" does manage to take a different direction, propelling itself on a much airier, ethereal sound.

Nancy Priddy ‎– You've Come This Way Before

You've Come This Way Before 2:45 Ebony Glass 2:18 Mystic Lady 6:25 Christina's World 2:40 We Could Have It All 2:32 My ...