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Various-A Tribute To Arthur Alexander 1994

VA -  A Tribute To Arthur Alexander

Released: 1994
Label: Polydor (UK)/Demon Records (UK)/ Red Bullets (NL)/Razor & Tie Music (US)
Size: 123,0 MB
Time: 53:32
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Styles: Rock,Blues,Funk,Soul,...
Art: Full

01. Roger McGuinn - Anna [3:09]
02. Elvis Costello - Sally Sue Brown [2:17]
03. Robert Plant - If It's Really Got To Be This Way [4:02]
04. Graham Parker - Every Day I Have To Cry [3:11]
05. Chuck Jackson & Mark Knopfler - You Better Move On [3:41]
06. Frank Black - Old John Amos [2:24]
07. Marshall Crenshaw - I'd Do It Over Again [2:34]
08. Sir Mack Rice & Michael Hill - Let' Think About It [3:35]
09. John Prine - Lonely Just Like Me [3:08]
10. Corey Glover - Johnny Heartbreak [2:55]
11. Nick Lowe - In The Middle Of It All [3:02]
12. Zucchero - From Now On [3:59]
13. Frank Black & Gary U.S. Bonds - Go Home Girl [3:00]
14. Felix Cavaliere & Veronica - I Love You So [3:04]
15. Pookie Hudson - Baby Can't You Wait [4:21]
16. Gary U.S. Bonds - Genie In The Jug [2:37]
17. Dan Penn & Donnie Fritts - Adios Amigo [2:26]
Among musicians, Arthur Alexander was always considered one of the greatest R&B songwriters. Both the Beatles and the Rolling Stones covered his songs, "Anna (Go to Him)" and "You Better Move On," respectively, early in their careers. But they weren't the only ones -- throughout the years, his work was rich source material for many blues, soul, rock, and country artists. He may have earned the recognition of his peers, but he remained relatively unknown to the general public, right up to his death in 1993. In order to raise his profile, Razor & Tie released Adios Amigo: A Tribute to Arthur Alexander in 1994, assembling a stellar and diverse lineup to record new versions of his songs. The diversity and the fresh arrangements illustrates the depth of Alexander's songs and how well they lent themselves to new readings. Like any tribute album,  with a few tracks falling flat, but the best moments -- Elvis Costello's "Sally Sue Brown," Robert Plant's "If It's Really Got to Be This Way," Chuck Jackson's "You Better Move On," Frank Black's "Old John Amos," John Prine's "Lonely Just Like Me," Gary U.S. Bonds' "Genie in the Jug," Graham Parker's "Every Day I Have to Cry" and Nick Lowe's "In the Middle of It All" -- are affectionate salutes to a departed master, and they're damn enjoyable in their own right as well.

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