воскресенье, 2 октября 2016 г.

2016- Flute In Rock Music vol.1

1.Laurelie - Remember Ronny
2.Out Of Focus - Huchen 55, A
3.Back Door - It's Nice When It's Up
4.Abstract Truth - Oxford Town
5.Breche - La Fuite
6.Sol Simiente Sur - Taquirari Experimental Para Un Amigo
7.Sol Simiente Sur - Continuando El Camino
8.Breche - Les P'tits Cuillers
9.Skin Alley - Living In Sin
10.Galadriel - Things To Come
11.Embryo - Amnesty Total
12.Out Of Focus - God Save The Queen, Cried Jesus
13.Maneige - Une Annee Sans Fin
14.El Polen - Valicha
15.Skin Alley - Night Time
16.Tortilla Flat - Mohre
17.Hatfield And The North - Didn't Matter Anyway
18.Lula Cortes & Ze Ramalho - Harpa Dos Ares
19.Sea Train - Flute Thing
20.Tortilla Flat - Tortilla Flat
21.Breche - L'hymne6


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