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HE5 & HE6

He 5 ‎– Merry Christmas 1969

A1 Silent Night
A2 White Christmas
A3 Santa Claus is coming to town
A4 Silver Bells
A5 Red Nosed Reindeer
B1 Jingle Bell
B2 Auld Lang Syne
Jingle Bell morphs into In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (With Heavy Drumbreaks), Paint It Black. Insane Psychedelic Jam I Have Ever Heard

HE6 - Go Go Sound '71

A1 테마 ① 인트로닥숀 뮤직
A2 테마 ② 기타를 위한 4/4박자
B1 테마 ③ 달리는 人間
B2 테마 ④ Percusion 테마

HE6 - Go Go Sound '71 Vol. 2

A1 테마 ⑤ ⅙의 세계
A2 테마 ⑥ 폭풍
A3 Come On A Baby
B1 인아가다다비다
HE5 & HE6 [he5 evolved in he6] were most popular groups in South Korea at 60s and 70s. Their three lps from ’69/’71 are all instro slabs full of psychedelic wah/fuzzed-out instros & funky jams. Interesting is their cover of “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” on “Merry Christmas” lp. Don’t get me wrong, I hate world music but this is pretty cool. Let’s dance to the South Korean Go Go Sound !!!

Корейцы с мощным,грубым саундом,с большим пристрастием к известному шлягеру In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida,по мне гораздо интересней ниже опубликованных Японцев!Альбомы с блога сюрфаделик,больше пока не нашел и стоят они Мамка Не Горюй !-https://www.discogs.com/He-5-Merry-Christmas/release/7879085

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