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Various ‎– Frolic Diner

1–The Sandabs Crab Louie
2–Paul Gayton Hot Cross Buns
3–Felix & His Guitar Chili Beans
4–The Royaltones Tacos
5–Wes Dakus Dog Food
6–The Instrumentals Chop Suey Rock
7–Gary & Larry Garlic Bread
8–Don Thompson Quartet Cheese Blintzes
9–Spot Barnett Sweetmeats
10–The Boys Cobra
11–The Carnations Scorpion
12–The Valuneers King Bee
13–The Xterminators Wild Hare
14–The Gemtones Man With The Golden Arm
15–The Contrails Mummy Walk (Walking Death)
16–Danny Bell & The Bell Hops Chili With Honey
17–The Scamps Enchilada
Featuring – Ronnie Starr
18–Felix & His Guitar With The Hot Peppers Two Tacos
19–Jimmie Maddin & The Party Makers Mashin' Grapes
20–Roy Milton & His Orchestra Sucotash
21–Michael & The Jesters Screwdriver
22–The Zircons Frog In The Fog
23–Johnny Moor & His New Blazers Bullfrog
24–The Chargers Miss Letha Jones
25–George Young & The Rockin' Bocs The Sneak
26–The Lancers The Moocher
27–The Tempomen The Happy Gladiator
28–The Majestics Oasis Part 2
29–Ivan Ward & The Swingsters Congo Glide
30–The Nite Caps Poinciana
31–The Criterions Island Fever

1–Jim Backus & Friend Delicious! 3:03
2–Calvin Cool El Tecolote 2:32
3–Boots Brown Cerveza 2:07
4–Conny And The Bellhops* Bop Sticks 2:46
5–Carolyn Lenoir Shanty Town 2:10
6–The Renaults Rockin' With Joe 2:53
7–The T-R's The Vamp 2:33
8–The Roller Coasters Rimshot Pt. 1 2:42
9–The Rock-A-Fellas  Night Party 2:04
10–Rene Hall's Orchestra Night Fright 2:33
11–The U.S. Rockets Bodacious 2:24
12–The Spades Full House 2:13
13–The Dragons Elephant Stomp 2:31
14–Leon Evans & His Combo Satellite Beep Bop 2:31
15–Big Sam Savage Ohh-Gosh! 1:34
16–Johnny Zorro Coesville 2:05
17–Nancy Dupont Weather Report Love 2:05
18–The Sparklers Four Stanleyville Stomp 2:40
19–Señor Jimenez Y Los Taquitos Shake The Can 2:18
20–Jerry Cole And His Spacemen One Color Blues 2:27
21–The Monarchs IV Weekend 2:21
22–Robert Parker All Night Long 2:44
23–The Catalinas Bail Out 2:14
24–The Red Tops Mustard 2:43
25–Steve Mutimer And The Rhythm Kings Maj 2:22
26–Intruders Fried Eggs 1:59
27–The Knights Straightaway 2:32
28–Night Beats Scrambled Eggs 2:26
29–Hot Toddy Featuring Bill Pernell Rockin' Crickets 2:29
30–T.C. Jones Champagne Cocktails 2:59

1–Kalasandro! Forbidden City
2–Byron Gosh Group Disgusting
3–Lord Rockinghams Fried Onions
4–Jimmy Beck Fiesta
5–Walkin Charlie Aldrich And The Way Outers Hot Sake
6–Chuck Hix And Count Downs Cookie Duster
7–Louisiana Red Sugar Hips
8–Noble "Thin Man" Watts & His Rhythm Sparks Flap Jack
9–I.M. Joe Ouch
10–Joe Thomas Rocatella
11–The Blue Jeans Moon Mist
12–Night Owls Stompin
13–Dick Caruso Rockin' With Richard
14–Chaino Ubangi Rock
15–Doc Starks And The Night Riders Vacation Train
16–Eden Rockers Wasted
17–The Parkays Late Date
18–The Counts Chitlin, Etc.
19–The Reveliers Part
20–Don Lucas Where's Flo?
21–Gordo  Coctails Darling

 1–The Spacemen Movin' Up
2–V.I.P.'s It
3–The Monarchs Friday Night
4–Greasers* Greeazzy
5–Doc Bagby The Spider
6–The Beau-Jives Here We Go
7–The Blockbusters Muddy Pt. 2
8–Mo Klien And The Sargents Flying Loxbox
9–The Hollywood Hurricanes Beavershot
10–Johnny Zorro Where's Chico
11–The J-Walkers Israeli Twist
12–The Sonics Chop-Twist
13–Premieres (Welcome To) Twistville
14–Clarence Armstrong Beaver
15–The Applejacks (Theme From) The Untouchables
16–Ritchie & The Squires Beat Party 1
17–Ritchie & The Squires Beat Party 2
18–The Roosters Chicken Hop
19–The Bonnevilles Freeway USA

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