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The Typhoons – Just Like The Beatles 1964

The Typhoons name was coined in February 1963 as the Embassy label (UK) found themselves covering increasingly more records by beat bands rather than the more traditional solo singer recordings that had dominated the hit parade in previous years.
The Typhoons only existed as a studio band. The actual singers involved were in fact chosen from Embassy’s existing roster of artists. From 1963 to 1965, there were 62 songs credited on the label as The Typhoons. Ray Pilgrim sang on 29 of them, Mike Redway sang on 20, Ken Barrie on 13, Tony Crane on 19, Joan Baxter on 3, and Paul Rich on 1. Ray Pilgrim and Mike Redway recorded the first Typhoons track for Embassy on 7th February 1963 ... which probably made them the world’s very first recording Beatles tribute band!
“From the look and sound of it, we thought this was going to be yet another one of those quickie Beatlesploitation records that was aimed at the supermarket record bins of America and the U.K.. How wrong we were, for this disc was actually aimed at the record bins of Italy! It would have made a big splash elsewhere as well, but at least, after all these years, we all can get to hear this album which sounds about as good/bad as those Pickwick/Design albums that even Lou Reed used to work on. A good encapsulation of the mid-sixties pop spirit of the times, at least from the vantage point of kids who could only afford the cheap knockoffs and had to listen to the real thing on the radio.

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