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Kenny Lynch ‎– The Very Best Of Kenny Lynch

01 Monument
02 A Tiger At The Door
03 Up On The Roof
04 Crazy Crazes
05 Puff
06 What Am I To You_
07 I'll Stay By You
08 For Lovin' You Baby
09 That's What Little Girls Are Made For
10 You Can Never Stop Me Loving You
11 It Would Take A Miracle
12 Why Do You Treat Me This Way
13 Individuality
14 For You
15 The One Thing That Makes You Happy
16 They're Jealous Of Me
17 Steady Kind
18 Stand By Me
19 So Much To Love You For
20 She's Got Everything
21 Don't Make The Same Mistake As I Did
22 The Truth
23 There's Never Been A Girl
24 You Make Love So Well
25 Hey Girl
26 My Own Two Feet
27 My Little World
28 Misery
29 Mountain Of Love
30 Before I Count To Ten
31 A Teardrop In The Ocean

Kenny Lynch (born 18 March 1938, Stepney, London, England) is an English singer, songwriter, entertainer, actor and publisher, see Kenny Lynch Music Ltd., from London. During the 1960s scored 2 UK Top 10 Singles (Up On The Roof & You Can Never Stop Me Loving You) and another 7 UK Top 40 Singles.

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