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The Mini-Beats-Get Back 1999

The Mini-Beats  Pass:Gur

Первый альбом немецкой группы The Mini-Beats, вышедший под названием The Mini Beatles. Альбом был записан летом 1999 года в домашней студии, он вышел ограниченным тиражом, и в основном распространялся среди друзей и семьи. Сейчас представляет редкость. В 2000 году группа выпустила ещё один альбом "Rock 'N' Roll Music" на лейбле Zomba, 

The Mini-Beats are Philip Lawall (10 July 1989) lead singer and guitar, Markus Attinger (28 April 1990) Höfner "violin" bass, Jonas Kenner (30 April 1988) drums, and Andreas Schaupp (20 May 1988) lead guitar, from Hamburg, Germany.
Philip's father was a musician with a home studio and in 1999 the boys recorded ten Beatles songs which were featured on their first limited CD "Get Back", mainly distributed to friends and family.
In the spring of 2000, the Mini Beatles were invited to the popular "TV total" where they were seen by four million viewers. They won the "Raab der Woche" and were invited again a week later and won the prize again for the second time. Promoters and radio and TV-programs wanted to have the boys on their show. The German Teen-Magazine "Bravo" made them the "Boygroup of the Week".
They were signed to Zomba Records in 2000 and changed their name to The Mini Beats. Their first major album, "Rock N Roll Music", was released as well as a music video and CD Single.
In April 2002 the band won the "Special Award for Outstanding Young International Performers" by the "Young Artist Foundation". A few months later, due to changing interests, the Mini Beats disbanded.

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