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The Other Beatles For Sale (The Other Beatles Collection)

1.No Reply-The Flames
2.I"M A Loser-The Beatles
3.Baby's In Black-The Hifis
4.Rock And Roll Music-The Federals
5.I'll Follow The Sun-Ian & The Zodiacs
6.Mister Moonlight-John O'hara & His Playboys
7.Kansas City-The Applejacks
8.Eight Days A Week-Ian & The Zodiacs
9.Words Of Love-Buddy Holly
10.Honey Don't-Vince Taylor & The Playboys
11.Every Little Thing-The Beatles
12.I Don't Want To Spoil The Party-The Savoys
13.What You're Doing-The Fantastic Dee-Jays
14.Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby-George Harrison
Other Beatles For Sale  Gur

a01 Les Lionceaux - Ne ris pas (1965) (Lennon-McCartney)
a02 Marianne Faithfull - I'm a loser (1965) (Lennon-McCartney)
a03 Los Mustang - Niсos de negro (1981) (Lennon-McCartney)
a04 Beach Boys - Rock and roll music (1976) (Berry)
a05 David Ball - I'll follow the sun (1995) (Lennon-McCartney)
a06 The Merseybeats - Mister Moonlight (1963) (Johnson)
a07 Brenda Lee+Little Richard - Kansas City+Hey, hey, hey, hey (1961 - 1955) (Leiber & Stoller/Richard Penniman)
b01 The Beat Mixers - Eight days a week (1965) (Lennon-McCartney)
b02 Jeff Lynne - Words of love (2011) (Holly)
b03 Wanda Jackson - Honey don't (1964) (Perkins)
b04 Lou Ann Barton - Every little thing (1986) (Lennon-McCartney)
b05 Meek - I don't want to spoil the party (2002) (Lennon-McCartney)
b06 The Fantastic Dee-Jays - What you're doing (1965) (Lennon-McCartney)
b07 Carl Perkins - Everybody's trying to be my baby (1957) (Perkins)

Other  Gur

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